00037-00042 – Tea & Music

5 February 2014 § Leave a comment

A few final sketches from the 2008-2009 sketchbook, from a visit to a tea shop and my sisters high school band concert.

This past weekend I attended an ARE seminar at the Center of Architecture in NYC.  It wasn’t as useful as I was hoping, and found it very sparce in terms of content.  However, what was useful was watching them walk through the Vignettes.  I do have a sketch from Washington Sq Park & of City Hall that I will upload sometime this week.







00018 – 00022 Old Sketchbook Pages

29 January 2014 § Leave a comment

So I was bad and didn’t draw anything yesterday! 😦  Between studying for my AREs and work, I seem to sometimes forget to tend to all the other necessaries in my life.  I will draw twice today to make up, and post some old pages as well towards the 10k count.  The following are selects from a sketchbook maintained in 2008-2009–five years+ ago (which is crazy to say).  These four are from Syracuse University campus during my second year of my 5 year Bachelor of Architecture program.  It was early September and still warm enough to go parading around the campus.  Maxwell, life sci building, and one other.

I really loved my campus; it had a lot of beautiful architecture, despite always being covered in like 6 feet of snow.  The architecture academic building, Slocum Hall, became my second home–complete with a refrigerator, books, toothbrush, etc.  You’ll see as I post up more sketches from future sketchbooks, lots of drawings of the interior of that place, as well as the campus.  I wish I had drawn more.






24 January 2014 § Leave a comment

Since I didn’t get to a scanner yesterday, I am going to upload a few sketches from an old sketchbook.  The following sketches are from 2008; The first two are from a trip to Princeton Campus in light of an upcoming studio project.  One is a very small study of Wu Hall and the other is a quick analysis of the site I would be working on.  The remaining four drawings were brief excursions into collage & sketching–a process I enjoy a lot and wish to continue though often do not have the time to pursue due to the reality that most of my work is done quickly on site instead of at home or in a studio where meticulous cutting and calculating can occur.

Wu Hall

Princeton Campus





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