00068-00072 Two Cathedrals, London

24 March 2014 § Leave a comment

Two cathedrals in London; five drawings.  I had a really splendid time in London and often dream of going back.  The whole city is just one giant, architectural playground!  Unfortunately I can’t give a real update on all the things happening in my life, but enjoy these sketches!







00043-00045 Omega & Design

11 February 2014 § Leave a comment

The drawings below are from a study conducted in 2010 of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living.  It houses a huge eco-machine which breaks down & consumes pollutants in water.  I will post up some more drawings from my finalized studies later tonight!  The last drawing is a design for a ‘hydroponic card catalog cart’ that was a component to one of my design projects for my 3rd year comprehensive architecture studio–those drawings too will eventually appear on this website, and I believe you will find them delightful!

I have yet to scan in my most recent drawings.  I actually have been bad at keeping up with drawing every day.  I find that my plate is loaded with things I need to do–from running my company The Movement Creative, work everyday, studying for the ARE’s, research for my book (on play & architecture), losing weight/exercising, restructuring my data storage, redoing my website, and a handful of other goals I am trying to complete (read a book a month, sketch every day, etc).  Though I definitely can find time to draw, I feel that my biggest wall is that I want to draw something interesting.  I think I need to get over that though, and just draw everything and anything.  Cups, books, couches, people,–lots of people.  I’m not super interested in these items as standalone objects of study, but I think if I want to see the improvement in my technical skills over time, I need to just push forward to draw everything critically.

Hopefully when it gets warmer out as well, it will be easier to draw my objects of interest more often.

Caitlin Pontrella

Caitlin Pontrella

Caitlin Pontrella

00026-00029 Toronto & More

30 January 2014 § Leave a comment

Another set from the 2008-2009 Sketchbook; The first two are from a trip to Toronto Canada in 2009, the third is a collection of sketches of one of my projects, and the final one is from a hospital visit.  Since I have the majority of my old sketchbooks already scanned in, they are easiest to post up regularly.  I will definitely try to get up my daily sketches as often as possible.

2009-7 2009-8

2009-6 2009-10

00002 Conservatory Waters

29 August 2013 § Leave a comment

Let’s talk about a really early day.

Woke up at 2:30 AM today so that I could get to Central Park by 3:30 AM.  Why?  The Conservatory Waters snack bar, one of the concessions I oversee at my job (where you can sail the little white boats), was getting a mobile/temporary kitchen delivered.  Though the representatives from Central Park Conservatory arrived late, everything started out very smoothly. We drove the giant container all the way down and through the park (on the footpaths!) without any issue (aka, no trees being hit).  The drivers, hailing from South Jersey, were real professionals–giving instructions such as ‘move to the right 1/2 an inch, no, back to the left a 1/2’ — I mean, we’re talking really miniscule adjustments with a truck.


Anyways, it only took a 1/2 hour to get the container behind the building but that is where things went out the window.  Apparently whoever measured the container and measured the site … mismeasured, and the container was about 6 inches too wide.  This then spiraled into 6-8 hours of troubleshooting, brainstorming, phone calls, concrete drilling, mud-digging, vehicle rigging fun.  Not to mention the container was sinking, clouds were gathering ominously in the sky, and no one had eaten all morning.

However, everything somehow worked itself out by 11am and I, exhausted, gathered my things and headed on home to sleep.

Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, in my excitement to have the rest of the day to myself, I invited over our neighbors, Jonny and Alana, for dinner.  Once confirmed, I then launched in to cooking and cleaning for the next few hours.  We ate lots of food, watched videos that fall in to the category of ‘cooler than Parkour’ and finally, around midnight, I excused myself and passed out.

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