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14 February 2014 § Leave a comment

Happy Valentines Day!  I was actually thinking I might look through some of my old sketches to see if I ever did anything on a Valentines Day but I got caught up with another project last night–building a fort in my apartment!  We have a huge galvanized steel bar set that we use for our Parkour events that we reconfigured in our apartment.  My partner and I did an excellent job and, as a bonus, once the sheets come off the fort it actually is a fantastic indoor mini-parkour-gym, so double win.  Plus tonight we’ll be cooking our own dinner; fresh cuts of ribeye with selections from our very first farm-fresh delivery from Nextdoorganics (A pay-as-you-go CSA that I highly recommend to anyone living in Brooklyn).  I will definitely be doing a drawing of that as well once a week! I love food and I love brooklyn!

Anyways, these three drawings reflect that I have been very bad at drawing every day for the last two weeks.  I have only accomplished about 4 drawings between January 29th and Today…. 😦  I will draw double time this weekend and next week to make up for it a little bit. But.. most of them will probably be of indoor things since the snow just doesn’t stop. 😦

January 29th – On the subway on a Friday after work on the subway.  This woman, I wish I had time to capture in water color; golden brown furry coat with matching boots, bright blue jeans, dull red hat, and a tangle of scraggly brown hair.
February 2nd – Washington Square Park as I walked through before/after my NY AIA Review seminar for the ARE BDCS (Less than 2 months away now!)
February 11th – The stairwell in a downtown Manhattan subway station as I was waiting to transfer from the J to the M train.  I really like axonometric drawings…

Caitlin Pontrella Sketchbook

Washington Square

NYC Subway


00030 – 00036 – Silodam, Sketches, and Trucks

31 January 2014 § Leave a comment

No explanations for these, just some more doodles from the 2008-2009 book.  Only a few more from that book that are worthy posting left after this.  Had a very busy busy day today at work; we have a lot of projects in the pipeline that need to go through Public Design Commission review.  It is an intensive process and a detail-oriented commission that requires exacting detail to be paid to formatting, presentation, materials, etc.  Enjoyable most of the time, but very time consuming and, of course, frustrating.

I have caught up with my daily sketches and will be sure to upload the set of them on Monday!  More city hall & subway people.  Tonight Jesse &I are going to be attempting our version of Pimm’s Cup, so hoping to get a sketch or two of those gorgeous drinks as well.  Tomorrow I am attending a seminar at the AIA for the ARE BDCS exam.  Sometimes I feel like I am never going to know everything I need to–that there is no way to be truly prepared for these exams…  Oh well, though I do intend to get some sketches there.

Also–absolutely need to get to the Folk Art museum before MOMA goes and tears it down. 😦




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