00089-00093 Miscellaneous

10 August 2014 § Leave a comment

So this set of sketches is a bit of a amalgam in respects to subject.  They basically didn’t fit in any of my recent posts and I wanted to just upload them to make sure I got them in on the count. There are two from where I live in Brooklyn.  The first is of a brownstone that is across the street from me.  I had gotten locked out of my apartment so, with time to kill before my partner came home, I put down some lines.  The other brownstone-y image is from my backyard, looking across the way.  This was just before we put up our new fence! The last three are as follows: Conservatory Waters (which you may recall I had sketched earlier as well), a thumbnail from my visit to Ocean Gate, and a 10 minute thumbnail of a famous painting.







00037-00042 – Tea & Music

5 February 2014 § Leave a comment

A few final sketches from the 2008-2009 sketchbook, from a visit to a tea shop and my sisters high school band concert.

This past weekend I attended an ARE seminar at the Center of Architecture in NYC.  It wasn’t as useful as I was hoping, and found it very sparce in terms of content.  However, what was useful was watching them walk through the Vignettes.  I do have a sketch from Washington Sq Park & of City Hall that I will upload sometime this week.






00013-00017 NYC & NJtransit

27 January 2014 § Leave a comment

So some days I do several drawings so I will count drawings according to drawing exercise.  The following set come from a few days (Jan 22-26) of daily sketches.  The first set of exercises was done in the car ride between my parents home and my brooklyn apt (1.5 hrs)–and it was an attempt to draw a very quick vignette at every red light.  This was extremely difficult and I definitely think I will try to do it again!  The second set of pages of people were done on trains and in a meeting, over three days.

2014.01.26-2 2014.01.262014.01.22 2014.01.23-24


24 January 2014 § Leave a comment

Since I didn’t get to a scanner yesterday, I am going to upload a few sketches from an old sketchbook.  The following sketches are from 2008; The first two are from a trip to Princeton Campus in light of an upcoming studio project.  One is a very small study of Wu Hall and the other is a quick analysis of the site I would be working on.  The remaining four drawings were brief excursions into collage & sketching–a process I enjoy a lot and wish to continue though often do not have the time to pursue due to the reality that most of my work is done quickly on site instead of at home or in a studio where meticulous cutting and calculating can occur.

Wu Hall

Princeton Campus





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