00049-00055 Syracuse street & Greenscape design

16 February 2014 § Leave a comment

Since it’s the weekend, I have continued with my efforts to reorganize my digital archive.  Through this process I have been setting aside sketches found from college years completed for my design projects.  The following set was for a project set in Syracuse city.  The initial sketch, done on site of the project location, I then made copies of & sketched over several times to explore different design ideas for the site.  The first two are the before (empty, on site sketch) and the after (the final design I selected).  I also included a few of the process images–there were tons of these, but the ones below are my favorites.
I also hope to , as I get a little more downtime, to colorize the initial sketch.

Syracuse Architecture

Syracuse Slivers 2






Syracuse Slivers


00030 – 00036 – Silodam, Sketches, and Trucks

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No explanations for these, just some more doodles from the 2008-2009 book.  Only a few more from that book that are worthy posting left after this.  Had a very busy busy day today at work; we have a lot of projects in the pipeline that need to go through Public Design Commission review.  It is an intensive process and a detail-oriented commission that requires exacting detail to be paid to formatting, presentation, materials, etc.  Enjoyable most of the time, but very time consuming and, of course, frustrating.

I have caught up with my daily sketches and will be sure to upload the set of them on Monday!  More city hall & subway people.  Tonight Jesse &I are going to be attempting our version of Pimm’s Cup, so hoping to get a sketch or two of those gorgeous drinks as well.  Tomorrow I am attending a seminar at the AIA for the ARE BDCS exam.  Sometimes I feel like I am never going to know everything I need to–that there is no way to be truly prepared for these exams…  Oh well, though I do intend to get some sketches there.

Also–absolutely need to get to the Folk Art museum before MOMA goes and tears it down. 😦




2009-16 2009-17 2009-23

00023-00025 Serials!

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This post actually has two of my most favorite drawings from some of my old sketchbooks; both of them serial drawings–which I love–completed in my 2008-2009 sketchbook.

The first is a series of 8 perspectives drawn over 24 hours, around Syracuse University.  This was a lot of fun to do and will be an exercise I continue to use as I explore the city.  The deal was to take your page, split it in to four boxes (two page spread below), and to give no more than 10 minutes to a box.  What happens is you really begin to figure which lines are critical to the drawing, and what are not.  Also helps with learning to draw fast and decisively.  As with all my drawings, it was completed soley in ink.


This second spread is another serial drawing of storefronts found around Syracuse city. I loved this drawing and want to repeat it for several spreads worth in NYC–maybe the storefronts of Chinatown or something–which could be really fun.


The final drawing I just figured I’d tack on, it was an experiment with markers, blender pen, image transfer, and ink drawing.  I like it, though it looks better in person.  The scanning process did something weird to the image.


00018 – 00022 Old Sketchbook Pages

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So I was bad and didn’t draw anything yesterday! 😦  Between studying for my AREs and work, I seem to sometimes forget to tend to all the other necessaries in my life.  I will draw twice today to make up, and post some old pages as well towards the 10k count.  The following are selects from a sketchbook maintained in 2008-2009–five years+ ago (which is crazy to say).  These four are from Syracuse University campus during my second year of my 5 year Bachelor of Architecture program.  It was early September and still warm enough to go parading around the campus.  Maxwell, life sci building, and one other.

I really loved my campus; it had a lot of beautiful architecture, despite always being covered in like 6 feet of snow.  The architecture academic building, Slocum Hall, became my second home–complete with a refrigerator, books, toothbrush, etc.  You’ll see as I post up more sketches from future sketchbooks, lots of drawings of the interior of that place, as well as the campus.  I wish I had drawn more.





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